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Before & After

Real Stories

Real, honest stories
from our patients and their experience at JK
  • [Breast & Face] Motiva Implants & Fat Grafting

  • [Breast] Motiva Implants Surgery at JK

  • [Liposuction] Full Body Lipo and Facial Contouring

  • [Eye&Nose&Facelind] Eyelid, Rhino, Vline Surgery and Zygoma

  • [Dr. Interview] About Mini Lifting (Non-surgical)

  • [Eye & Facial Contouring] Eyelid and Jaw Surgery

  • [Nose] Rhinoplasty and Nose Tip Surgery at JK Clinic

  • [Full Face Lift] Antiaging Lifting at JK

  • [Full Face Fat Grafting] Before and After Photos

  • [Full Face Fat Grafting] Real Vlog at JK

  • [Fat Grafting] Full Face Fat Grafting by Dr.Kwon

  • [Full Face Lift] Antiaging Lifting and Middle-age Eyesurgery