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  • Bio-activity Therapy
    It is a bio-energy activation therapy that improves blood circulation, maintains the balance of yin and yang, and re-charges energy by using bio intrinsic energy.
  • High Frequency Therapy
    Either 0.3 MHz or 0.5 MHz of high frequency waves are inserted deep inside (10~25cm) the skin, causing a transformation into a bio-thermal energy due to rotational motion, energy distortion, and collision movement. This raises the temperature of the structure and increases the functionality of the cells. Not only that, it works effectively in stimulating blood circulation, improving lymph circulation, removing cellulite, breaking down fat, and strengthening regeneration of skin.
  • Body Therapy
    Intensive program for making a smooth body line and better circulation of the lymphs after breast surgery or fat liposuction
  • Endermologie
    By using a roller, it repeats the process of picking up and releasing a layer of skin. This complex effect of suction pressure physically stimulates the destruction of fat and accelerates the circulation of the blood and lymphs, increasing the oxygen supply within the tissue. This operation can promote fat-splitting and help loosen the fat and reduce the swelling.

Medical Program

  • I2PL laser system

    a. I2PL
    If the original laser could only treat one type of disease using one ray of wavelength, this new type of system can treat any kind of symptom on the entire face using various rays of wavelength at once.
    1. eco2 laser system
    2. eco2 lazer system
    b. eCO2
    eCO2 laser system is an advanced concept CO2 fractional laser system with 10,600m of wavelength range. It can cause the reproduction effect of the skin by stimulating the generation of collagen using a laser beam that can be inserted into the deepest layer of the dermis skin.
  • hydro filling system

    c1. Hydro-Filling
    Hyaluronic acid is a component that exists everywhere in every living organism. A lot of these components are found in the skin, making the skin more elastic. This is a treatment that helps to make cleaner and moisturized skin by filling hyaluronic acid into the dermis layer.
    c2. Hydro-Lifting
    A combination of hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin can maintain your natural facial expression and is effective for whitening, moisturizing, and lifting.
    1. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound
    2. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound
    d. HIFU High Intensity Focused Ultrasound
    H.I.F.U lifting can concentrate a less powerful energy of ultrasonic waves underneath the skin at equal depths without damaging the surface layer of skin, by using the principle of a magnifying glass. In this way, energy can be delivered only to the dermis, subcutaneous, and fascia layer (SMAS), creating a direct lifting effect on the droopy tissue. Also, it is a non-operative lifting method system that can improve the skin by regenerating the collagen tissues.