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A unique women셲 health and wellness treatment of joy.

What is JK Viveve?

Purpose of Viveve treatment is to comfortably regenerate vaginal tissue and responsiveness to increase physical sensation during intercourse. By using radio frequency technology to deliver volumetric heating at precise temperatures to stimulate robust neocollagenesis.

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Vaginal laxity due to childbirth or aging
Decreased physical sensation
Decreased sexual satisfaction after intercourse
Decreased sexual intercourse with partner
Improvement of vaginal laxity before marriage

3 Special features of JK VIVEVE

No pain, no bleeding!
Improvement with just by one session.
It is not an operation or plastic surgery. A painless treatment medically approved.
The treatment takes 30 minutes with no anesthesia , fast and safe.
The treatment takes 30 minutes with no anesthesia or downtime. Safe and effective. You may get back to daily activities right after the treatment.
Definite effectiveness, restore vaginal collagen and improve resiliency.
You may expect sexual improvement by stimulate the body's natural collagen formation process to give soft tissue a youthful tone and resiliency.

How the JK VIVEVE works?

  • 몺 Place the 1cm*2cm disposable tip to vaginal soft tissues right behind the hymen.
  • 몼 Along the vagina surface cooling at the same time to stimulates gentle deep heating to the collagen fibrous tissues excepting the urethra area.
  • 몾 By spreading radio frequency to vaginal tip to stimulate stiff cells.
  • 몿 A certain time will take in order to produce collage. On average of 30-90days after the treatment will feel the difference and it is cell level will change as collagen restores. Surface of vaginal tissue will not make any difference as it is safe.

JK VIVEVE Recovery after treatment

When collagen support fibers lose their youthful strength and vitality, Viveve works with the cellular regenerative process that leads to new and stronger collagen. The principle of this treatment is to focus on vaginal tissue by delivery radio frequency to regenerate and produce new and strong collagen to restore tightness. To generate healthy, new collagen, the Viveve treatment uses patented deep heating and surface cooling safely stimulate your body셲 natural collagen formation process.

   Effect of vagina tightness

Result appears 1-2 weeks after the treatment, but on average the result will appear within a month. Vagina tightening will continue from 3 to 6 months after treatment and may experience sexual sensation. 88% of patients are still feeling their result at 12 months of vagina tightness.

Journal of Women셲 health in2013

JK VIVEVE셲 Know-how

It feels like the area is pumped just like air cushioned shoes.
Not only my husband and I also feel a big difference.
I love that irresistible strong feeling during sexual intercourse.
Feels like I got back before giving birth.
Before the Viveve treatment I could not feel the tightness. My husband felt a month after and it took longer for me to feel it though I have noticed the change eventually.


Q. Does it hurt?
A. Anesthesia is not required with painless. Some patients report a cooling sensation, other note a warmth but all agree that the procedure is painless.
Q. When can I get back to sexual life?
A. On the same date is possible since there is no injury. However due to regenerative process 7 days after the treatment is preferred.
Q. How soon will I see the results?
A. Collagen formation process will start from 7 to 30 days after the treatment and visible effect will start from 3 to 6 months after.
Q. Is there any side effect?
A. The treatment has been performed developed by performing more than a million of cases in abroad and there was no comlications reported.혻
Q. What is the difference between other laser treatments?
A. Unlike the usual laser treatments, Viveve uses radio frequency energy to perform deep heating until surface with more effectiveness.
Q. Why is it expensive?
A. Typical laser treatment may sound cheaper but it requires 3-4 times of treatment. However, Viveve treatment will give effect just with one session, so there is no big difference in terms of price.혻