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The Dr. JK Stem Cell is a product different from any other on the market. With over 19 years of experience, JK셲 medical team has developed this highly functional cosmeceutical product enhanced with stem cell technology.


  • Dr.JK Stem Cell Total Care Solution
    Dr. JK Stem Cell Total Care Solution has been developed by the high-end technology of life science research, combining the main skin-friendly factor of stem cell culture media extract and nano-liposome technology. It has become JK셲 unique solution to soothe, tighten, and moisturize the skin effectively for a healthier appearance.
  • Stem Cell Culture Media
    These natural components are enriched in cytokines and growth factors and have powerful regenerative effects on anti-aging. Using these components, Dr. JK Stem Cell provides a superior anti-aging and regenerative solution.
    1. harvest stem cells
    2. cultivate stem cells
    3. stem cells
    4. stem cell culture media
  • Using the world셲 first government-approved adult stem cell product

    stem cell culture media procedure

    stem cell culture media procedure
  • Dr.JK Stem Cell Product (4 Steps) (4Step)
    Dr.JK stem cell total care solution
  • Stem Cell Recovery Cream
    1. stem cell recovery cream
    2. effect of stem cell recovery cream

    (Soothe Sensitive Skin, Improve Healing, Reduce Bruising, Ease Irritation, Anti-Inflammation, Diminish Swelling, Moisturize Dry Skin)

    Enriched with natural botanical extracts and bio-derived ingredients, this formula penetrates deep into skin, moisturizing and restoring the physiological balance.. A variety of nutrients and vegetable emollients soothe irritated skin and rejuvenate damaged areas. It is highly recommended for treating the surgical area for faster recovery since stem cell culture media and peptides give an increased repairing effect.

    * How to use: Apply an adequate amount evenly onto the skin and softly massage until completely absorbed. Intended for daily use.


JK셲 ginseng line contains 3.88 times the saponin as other 6 year ginseng that grows in other areas. This premium quality ginseng is highly effective for cell regeneration through the use of superior plant callus. It makes skin healthy and vibrant while improving the appearance of deep wrinkles. The key ingredient of this ginseng penetrates deep into the skin layer to erase the signs of aging.

  • Callus Stem Cell Extract
    Combining the separated meristem cells with the plant growth hormone (auxin, cytokinin) promotes vigorous cell regeneration by concentrating cell nutrition. The Sephora plant stem 쏞allus contains a mass of undifferentiated cells. Each composed cell has the ability to form plant parts with a specific function.
    1. sephora plant
    2. combine stem cells
  • Callus Stem Cell Extract

    Superior Cell Regeneration (Anti-aging)

    Stem Cell Applications

    Eco-friendly Material

    Only Plant Based Ingredients

    effect of Dr. JK Ginseng total care solution

    (Reduction in Fine Wrinkles, Whitening, Increased Collagen Regeneration, Skin Anti-aging, Antioxidant Effects, Cell Rejuvenation)

  • Ginseng Total Care Solution (4Steps)
    Dr. JK Ginseng total care solution
  • GS UV Protection (SPF 50+, PA+++)
    Dr. JK ginseng sun UV protection SPF 50
    Nutrition and UV protection at the same time!
    Highly functional sunscreen for protecting your skin inside and out!
    Perfectly safe sunscreen containing natural ingredients
    No more blemish, no more darkening, for your flawless skin!
    Provides 쏶oft Focus Effect by increasing diffuse reflection
    Minimizes white turbidity and skin irritation for soft complexion