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Placing the patient셲 needs first
with the JK One-Stop health screening
before surgery!

If a patient will be going under general anesthesia or extended sedation, possible health issues such as
heart, lung, liver function, blood pressure, etc. are required to be checked in detail.
The patient cannot proceed with surgery unless all of the results indicate normal organ functioning.

    STEP1. Basic Pre-surgery Checkup
  • Basic Pre-surgery Checkup< image01
    Digital Imaging for double jaw/facial bone contouring surgery

    CT and X-Ray scanning are used for checking the bone density,
    skin thickness, and the location of the nerves in order to
    be fully aware of the patient셲 exact condition.
    These techniques are implemented for safe surgical practices.

  • Basic Pre-surgery Checkup< image02
    Inbody Test

    We check the exact height, weight, and body composition
    with our InBody analyzing technology.

    STEP2. Full Physical Examination Before Surgery
  • Full Physical Examination Before Surgery image01
    Pre-Surgery Mandatory Blood Test

    In order to verify that the patient셲 health conditions are stable
    before surgery, a compulsory blood test is given.
    In general, we check for the blood type,
    anemia, liver function, and kidney function.

  • Full Physical Examination Before Surgery image02
    Simple EKG (Electrocardiogram) Test

    We read and analyze the EKG graph셲 waves to check each part of
    the heart and look for signs of an irregular, fast, or slow heart rate.

  • Full Physical Examination Before Surgery image03
    Chest Xray to Screen for Infections

    Any patients who go under general anesthesia and hospitalization are
    required to undergo a screening for infectious diseases and
    examination for risk of transmission.

    STEP3. Evaluation of patient conditions on surgery day
  • Evaluation of patient conditions on surgery day image01
    Intake process on surgery day

    Patient intake is processed in the following order: patient identification,
    purchasing medication, changing into patient gown, washing face,
    gargling mouth, and etc.

  • Evaluation of patient conditions on surgery day image02
    1st evaluation of patient셲 condition before surgery

    During the check-up before surgery, blood pressure, fasting period,
    intake of medicine, and etc. should be checked.

  • Evaluation of patient conditions on surgery day image03
    2nd Evaluation of patient셲 condition and surgical designs

    Verify the check-up in the operation room, the doctor starts the design
    on the surgery site.