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B1 Esthetics Center

aesthetic vip room

B1 Esthetics Center
JK Esthetic supports rapid healing of patients through general skin care, a variety of laser therapies and customized postoperative management program. Various products of 쁃r.JK, cosmeceuticals launched through JK셲 own research and development will be introduced as well.

JK lobby

1F Reception Hall, JK Caf챕, Pharmacy
Our staff addresses any questions including appointment information and registration. JK Caf챕 offers fresh juice with the best ingredients and premium Dallmayr coffee, which had been chosen to be served to the German Imperial Family.

JK Plastic surgery consultation room

2F Consultations, Laboratory, Digital Imaging Studio
JK provides proactive services for our customers. Our staff will guide you to a consultation room where you will be met by one of our medical staff for a detailed consultation.

JK hinoki spa

3F JK Wellness Center, Stem Cell Laboratory
JK Spa & Esthetics is a premium wellness center. Its design is based on JK셲 expertise in medicine and research, which improves your quality of life involving beauty, physical and mental health, and happiness.

JK meditel

4F JK Medical Hotel
Dedicated staff at the hotel-style patient ward support and provide care for patients who need long-term hospitalization.

JK operation floor

5F Surgery & Recovery Center
JK is proud to be a hospital with no malpractice cases since its opening. JK is among the top 1% of hospitals in the Gangnam district which are equipped with the best safety systems including aseptic operating rooms in compliance with US Federal Standard 209D, reliable anesthesia protocols by anesthesiologists and safety protocols such as an uninterruptible power supply.

JK day surgery center

6F Inpatient & Outpatient Center, Hair Transplant Center
In this center, dedicated staff provide support for rapid and comfortable recovery of patients for 24 hours after surgery as well as treatment rooms for non-invasive procedures.