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Speed Up, Lifting in daily life!
쏥et Skin Elasticity within 8 minutes

No anesthesia >
Take 20 minutes >
Discharge on the day >
Immediate results of lifting

What is JK Doublo Gold?

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) energy can be focused in dermis and SMAS layer with damage free to the outer skin layer to lift the sagging or loosed skin tissue.
Doublo Gold uses HIFU as the treatment so after the procedure, you may feel the effect and you can go back to your daily life right away.
With wide experience of JK Plastic Surgery Center셲 clinical trial, surgeon will check your skin condition and process the treatment directly to provide energy to the necessary area. From these procedures you can get safe and high accurate effect of the treatment.

뼳 Treatment Progress
No anesthesia > Take 20 minutes >
Discharge on the day > Immediate results of lifting

JK Doublo Gold Lifting principle

Doublo Gold uses High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) energy to penetrate under 3~4.5mm of dermis layer and SMAS layer with damage free to your skin and creates a part of thermocoagulation smaller than 1mm.
Thermocoagulation occurs in 60 plus degree of high temperature as the principle this helps to contracts the sagging skin tissue and lifts up the skin.
As a result, elastin and collagens are produced from skin reproduction reaction for 1~3 months constantly and the effect maintains.

*SMAS(Superficial Muscloaponeurotic System): Main panniculus carnosus causing sagging skin and wrinkles
*Dermis: Fibroblast of collagen cell and produce several types of collagens

JK Doublo Gold Lifting effect

JK Doublo Gold Features

8 minutes average of treatment speed increased for 300 shots
Previous Doublo
previous Doublo
One way shot
Doublo Gold
previous Doublo
Round shot
  • - Great effect of treatment for not only dermis layer but also SMAS layer(facial plane), the deepest skin layer.
  • - It셲 non-surgerical treatment which does not require any incision or surgery.
  • - Approved by KFDA as the purpose of using for eyebrows lifting.

JK Doublo Gold is performed by the surgeons with wide experience of clinical trial.
Also, it셲 one on one customized treatment and it셲 a safety and accurate treatment using the Tip of the original equipment.

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Planning to attend a wedding
but busy due to work
Get prettier simply
by Doublo Gold!

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Who is taking care of their children
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Regain the elasticity
by Double Gold!

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Who has a blind date which
the first impression matters
Try to change your
first impression by Doublo Gold!

1. How many times do I have to get the lifting?
The effect of Doublo gold can be seen after 1-2 simple treatments.
2. Is the lifting procedure painful?
Doublo gold procedure is usually painless but depends on individual differences of the patient.
3. Does the procedure affect the daily life activities?
Recovery period is short and patient may get back to normal daily life activities immediately.
4. When can I see the final result?
Improvement of elasticity may be noticeable immediately after Doublo gold procedure and changes can be seen gradually.