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The philtrum length and shape determines a person’s impression. Philtrum correction refers to a surgical procedure which repairs the philtrum into an ideal ratio. Philtrum correction can also be performed for reconstruction of congenital cleft palate or acquired injury. For optimal results of the procedure, it is critical to consult with experienced professionals.

philtrum correction/ cleft lip

Types of Philtrum eligible for Surgery

Length, shape and depth of philtrum can have an effect on your image. Long and big philtrum will make your face appear big, while too short of philtrum makes a stifling impression. Plastic surgery for the lips in combination with philtrum correction can bring a harmonious effect.

  1. with a long philtrum, the teeth are concealed when smiling With a long philtrum, the teeth are concealed when smiling.
  2. with a short philtrum, gums are exposed giving the look of protruding mouth With a short philtrum, gums are exposed giving the look of protruding mouth.
  3. defined Philtrum makes too strong impression Defined Philtrum makes too strong of an impression.
  4. cleft lip cleft palate is a congenital malformation of the face with split gum and lip Cleft Lip Cleft Palate is a congenital malformation of the face with split gum and lip. It is important to minimize scars left on philtrum from suturing.

Types of Philtrum Correction

Philtrum length that is half the length of chin is regarded the most ideal.

  1. 1.Philtrum Shortening
    Shortens philtrum through incision made inside of the nose to avoid any visible scars.
  2. 2.Philtrum Lengthening
    If the length of exposed gum is longer than 3mm when smiling, it is regarded as a short philtrum. Botox treatment or procedure is recommended to lower fascia. The incision is made inside of the mouth if necessary, leaving no visible scars.

    philtrum lengthening

  3. 3. Philtrum Ridge Reconstruction / Philtrum Concave Reconstruction
    There are three typical types of philtrum in Asians. If the shape of philtrum is not in balance with the entire face, an ideal shape can be achieved by philtrum correction. If the ridge of the philtrum is flat, philtrum ridge reconstruction can raise the three dimensional effect. If the depth of philtrum is too shallow giving the image of protruding gum, philtrum concave reconstruction can create a natural curve of philtrum.
    1. Trapezoid shape philtrum Trapezoid shape
    2. triangle shape philtrum Triangle shape
    3. parallel line shape philtrum Parallel lines shape
    4. Treated area of philtrum concave reconstruction Treated area of philtrum concave reconstruction
  4. 4.Alleviating scars from surgeries for cleft lip cleft palate
    Cleft Lip Cleft Palate requires comprehensive surgical procedures on nose, gum, teeth, philtrum and lips. It is common for signs of treatment to be left after surgeries for cleft lip cleft palate. In these cases, a scar alleviating procedure will help to make it appear as natural as possible. JK has been putting a lot of effort into the research of scar treatments, which has been proven effective through ‘New Face New Dream’ Campaign. Scars cannot be removed from one time treatment but requires a consistent long term management.

Postoperative management

  1. 1.Recovery after surgery
    Recovery usually requires ambulatory care without hospitalization. Recovery period can vary depending on the severity and the type of surgery received. Try to avoid washing face after surgery. Avoid putting pressure on treated area for 2~3 months. If you experience an overproduction of sebum, it is best to take medication to regulate the sebum production rather than forcefully wiping it off.
  2. 2.Recovery Process
    Avoid the act of pulling down on upper lip. Avoid saunas, staying in high temperature areas and vigorous exercises. We recommend no smoking/drinking for at least 4 weeks as it may interfere with the healing process. Degree of swelling and infection is different for everyone. If you are concerned with your degree of swelling, please visit the hospital and consult with a professional.