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Hair TransplantSCALP TATTOO


scalp micro pigmentation

This is a quick, safe and semi-permanent treatment that can replace hair transplant surgery. Hair colored pigment is injected to reduce the appearance of see-through of scalp and to have more volume. Also there are no side effects from the ink since we inject ink that is harmless. An advantage of scalp tattoo is that you can see a noticeable result with a semi-permanent treatment.

Candidate for the treatment

  1. Female patient with crown hair loss.
  2. Someone who has congenitally thin hair.
  3. Someone who is unable to get hair transplant surgery.
    (Due to disease or someone with thin hair and less back hair.)
  4. Someone who is suffering from uneven hairline.
  5. Someone who has a scar from a surgery or injury.
  6. Someone who feels uncomfortable about going under surgery.

scalp tatoo procedure

How is Scalp Micro Pigmentation performed?

MoNo MP makes a trace of hair.
Treat the see- through of the scalp without giving any damage to the hair

scalp micro pigmentation procedure

  1. 1.Anesthesia, pigment, mix, treatment: surgery performed by hair transplant surgeon
  2. 2.Accurate depth control: minimize damage to scalp and follicles
  3. 3.Personalized treatment: direction of the hair/ appearance of the hair loss
  4. 4.Suitable pigment selection: personalized pigment choice according to patient셲 scalp color and hair color
  5. 5.Minimize redness & swelling: minimize redness and swelling after procedure we spread scalp regenerating EGF gel

Why should you choose JK for Scalp Tattoo?

Scalp tattoo is a treatment done at a hospital / plastic surgeon performs the surgery / design done with same color of patient셲 hair / no damage to scalp or follicles / treatment performed with accurate depth control for a safe and natural looking result