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JK셲 unique hair care system is based on the ISO9001 certification to bring you the best management system to treat your hair. Through accurate analysis of a patient셲 scalp, elimination of harmful waste, and proper moisturizing, we can remove the factors attributed to hair loss to maintain a healthy head of hair.

  1. 1:1 consultation on hair transplant 1. Consulting 1:1 customized consul-tation to learn about the patient셲 life style. stress level, and family history to find a suitable solution
  2. scalp and hair analysis 2. Scalp and Hair Analysis Diagnose current scalp condition and find the main problem of hair loss using a high-magnification tool
  3. relaxing trapezius muscles and scalp 3. Trapezius Muscle and Scalp Relax Massage the trapezius muscle for trapezius muscle relaxation and to increase blood circulation and oxygen delivery
  4. 1st scalp scaling to remove wastes and sebum 4. 1st Scalp Scaling Remove wastes and sebum for a clean and healthy scalp and hair
  5. 2nd scalp scaling to make sure no embedded wastes and sebum 5. 2nd Scalp Scaling Make sure no embedded sebum or wastes are left
  6. ultrasound team ion to moisturize scalp and pores 6. Ultrasound Steam Ion Provide moisture to scalp and pores to help remove wastes
  7. shampoo wit cool green scalp massager 7. Shampoo with Cool Green Scalp Massager Provide nutrition and clean the hair and scalp using Dr. JK셲 special care product
  8. laser assisted ultrasound treatment to improve absortion 8. Laser-Assisted Ultrasound Treatment Improve the absorption of Dr. JK solution and strengthen the hair roots using scalp massage
  9. nutrition ampule treatment for healthy hair and scalp nutrition ampule treatment for healthy hair and scalp 9. Nutrition Ample Treatment Provide essential nutrients including various vitamins and amino acids through Dr. JK셲 special nutrition ampoule for healthy hair and scalp
  10. galvanic lontophoresis to strengthen the hair roots galvanic lontophoresis to strengthen the hair roots 10. Galvanic lontophoresis Massage the scalp to strengthen the hair roots and help JK solution셲 absorption into percutaneous layer for optimal oil and moisture balance
  11. MTS for spreading nutrients evenly 11. MTS Evenly spread out the nutrients into dermis layer for healthy and strong hair and scalp
  12. Mesotherapy as directly injecting essential solutions 12. Mesotherapy Directly inject a solution of essential nutrients including various vitamins, amino acids, hormone, and growth factors into the scalp for hair regeneration effects. This treatment can only be done by a hair specialist.