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areola correction

This surgery can correct the look and shape of the nipple and areola of the patient. If the nipple is too big/long or inverted, it can be made into the ideal shape and size. Also, large areola can be made smaller for better appearance.

Nipple/Areola Surgery can benefit

  1. 1. People with long nipples.
  2. 2. People with large nipples.
  3. 3. People with inverted nipples.
  4. 4. People with large areola.
  5. 5. People with irregular shaped areola or nipples.

How is Nipple/Areola Surgery performed?

  • a. Long / Large Nipples
    Excess nipple tissue is removed and reshaped to the ideal shape and size. This procedure is very simple and takes about half an hour. The scars are less noticeable due to irregular texture of the nipples.
    nipple reduction
  • b. Inverted Nipples
    There are 2 methods to correct inverted nipples. One method preserves the milk ducts for those who wish to breast feed. If the cause of the inverted nipple is due to the main milk duct itself, then preserving the duct could reverse the effects of the procedure. The second method does not preserve the milk ducts, allowing for more projection and visible nipple. At JK, we recommend doing the 1st method unless the inversion is very severe, or the patient does not have need to breast feed.
    inverted nipple correction
  • c. Large Areola
    There are 2 methods to reduce the areola, one is from the outside and the other is from the inside. The inside is the area just around the nipple. The outside is the area closest to the breast skin. The inside method results in a more natural look of areola after surgery, however, there is a limit to the amount of reduction that can be made. The outside method is more common and provides more dramatic and controllable results. Scar is around the new areola so it has low visibility.
    areola reduction