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Breast reduction surgery removes excess breast fat and skin for a more natural, balanced and beautiful breast shape. Large breasts sometimes can cause complications to other areas of the body such as: neck, back, and shoulder pain and skin problems. Through this procedure, patients can improve overall health and regain their confidence.

Breast Reduction can benefit

  1. 1. People who have health problems due to heavy breasts
  2. 2. People with large & sagging breasts
  3. 3. People who are unsatisfied with breast size/shape

How is Breast Reduction performed?

There are a variety of surgical methods (incision location) available for breast reduction surgery. Depending on the droopiness and the size of current breast, areola and nipple, the most suitable surgical method will be recommended for each individual patient. The right amount of excess fat and skin will be removed to achieve satisfying results.

  1. 1 ) Periareolar Incision
    This is the most common and effective method for breast reduction. However, it can be a little difficult to remove a large amount of breast tissue using this method. It leaves less scaring than other methods.
    periareolar incision
  2. 2 ) Vertical Incision
    This is an upgraded incision method using combination of the periareolar and anchor pattern incision. The incision is made along the areola and a vertical incision is made underside of the breast. This method leaves less scarring than ‘Anchor Incision’ and preserves nipple sensation.
    vertical incision
  3. 'O' shape incision
    3) Abdominal Flap (From Abdomen)
    This is the method that can reduce the breast size the most. Although the incision can be covered by the breasts, it may leave some permanent scarring among other methods. This method is recommended for those who have excessive breast tissue.
  4. liposuction
    4) Liposuction
    This method is suitable if your skin is elastic and the severity of breast droopiness is moderate. It is effective if you already have some breast tissue and wish to remove a small amount of fat only.

Operation Information

3-4 hours
Inside the hairline
Depends on method used
1 days
Recovery Period
1 week
Stitch Removal
7-10 days after procedure