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Breast reconstruction is a surgery to rebuild a breast that has been removed for various reasons. It can recreate or restore the breast into a new shape after a mastectomy (because of breast cancer) or lumpectomy and to correct a congenital deformity. The surgical methods include autologous fat transfer and breast implants or both. After a closer assessment, the most suitable surgical method will be recommended for each individual patient.

Breast Reconstruction can benefit

  1. 1. People after a mastectomy or lumpectomy
  2. 2. People with disfigurement due to trauma
  3. 3. People with problems with breast development

How is Breast Reconstruction performed?

  • a. Breast Implantation
    This breast reconstruction uses a breast implant to rebuild the breast. It is recommended to those who have not yet received radiation therapy treatment, but have healthy breast tissue. In order for a synergistic effect, it is recommended together with autologous fat transfer. A surgeon first makes space to place the implant and inserts a tissue expander under the chest muscle. It stretches the skin by injecting saline for a few months to make room for the final implant replacement.
    breast augmentation using implant insertion for natural look
  • b. Autologous Fat Transfer (From Back or Buttocks)
    This autologous or flap reconstruction method uses a patient’s own fat or skin harvested from different areas of the body such as: abdomen, back, buttocks or thighs. When the skin is harvested from the back, the thickness of the tissue is not sufficient, so it may also require breast implants. However, this method is less commonly performed these days because of long operation hours.
    breast augmentation
  • c. Abdominal Flap (From Abdomen)
    This method uses autologous abdominal tissue and muscle (transverse rectus abdominis muscle) usually from the lower tummy. Because it uses the patient’s own fat to rebuild the breast, it is safe and looks natural. This is the most widely used method that can bring two effects: removal of unnecessary loose fat and breast restoration.
    breast augmentation

Operation Information

1.5 hours
Inside the hairline
Depends on method
1 day
Recovery Period
1 week
Stitch Removal
7-10 days after procedure