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grades breast ptosis

Grades of Breast Ptosis ( Sagging)
  1. [Grade 1] Nipple is at fold or 1 cm below
  2. [Grade 2] Nipple is 1-3 cm below the fold, but above the lowest contour of the breast
  3. [Grade 3] Nipple is 3 cm or more below the fold and points downward

Degrees of Breast Ptosis (Sagging)

degrees of breast ptosis

General information

Breast lift (mastopexy) is performed to improve the appearance and shape of drooping or sagging breasts in women who have lost volume in their breast tissue due to massive weight loss, breastfeeding, or pregnancy. This procedure restores and reshapes the breast to become more lifted, youthful, and natural.. In many cases, a breast lift is performed in conjunction with breast implantation for a better appearance.

Mastopexy can benefit

  1. 1. Women with sagging or droopy breasts
  2. 2. Women with decreased volume after breastfeeding
  3. 3. Women with decreased breast volume due to massive weight loss

How is Mastopexy performed?

First, the severity of breast ptosis ( sagging) is determined to treat each case with the most suitable surgical method and incision. A variety of factors such as: droopiness, breast size, and preference for scar location are considered for the best results.

  1. a. Breast Augmentation
    If you have small breasts with a minor to moderate grade of sagging, breast implants alone can correct the nipple-areola height by 1-2 cm without any lift.
  2. b. Breast Lift (Mastopexy)
    If you do not wish to increase the breast size or have breast implants, the nipple-areola can be relocated using a periareolar incision. If you lack upper volume on the breasts, the drooping tissue can be lifted up for a more balanced and fuller shape.
  3. c. Breast Augmentation & Lift
    If your breasts are small and severely drooping at the same time, both breast implantation and breast lift should be performed together to increase the breast size and improve your nipple-areola position.

Operation information

2 hours
Incision Location
Depends on method used
Recovery Period
1 days
Stitch Removal
7-10 days after procedure