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Breast SurgeryFAT TRANSFER

Fat Transfer

In order to achieve a balanced bodyline, it is important to consider not only the shape of breast but an overall body contour. This procedure brings a synergistic effect by harvesting the unnecessary fat from the desired area (usually from abdomen or thigh) and transferring it for the breasts volume. Instead of inserting implants in the breasts, which is sometimes not comfortable for some patients, the fat transfer can provide a safe and natural appearance.

Fat Transfer can benefit

  1. 1. People with lack of upper breast tissue
  2. 2. Those who already have moderate size breasts
  3. 3. Those who are seeking for a natural/ small change

How is it done?

Usually fat is harvested either from a patient’s own abdomen or thigh. Small incisions are made to inject the harvested fat. A surgeon can sculpt the shape of buttocks by injecting the fat into the necessary part. It is important to maintain the body weight after the procedure for it takes about 3 months for the engrafted fat to settle completely.

Operation Information

2 hours
Small incisions
Recover Period
7 days
Sedation or general
Stitch Removal
7 days after procedure

JK Stem Cell Fat Grafting

Stem cell enriched fat grafting collectively separates stem cells in harvested subcutaneous fat, purifies, and injects the desired amount of fat into the target area. The stem cells secrete a various growth factors that can effectively heal the damaged skin/tissue and stimulate regeneration. This visibly increases the survival rate of engrafted fat.

  • normal cell fat grafting normal cell fat grafting
  • vs
  • JK Stem cell fat grafting JK Stem cell fat grafting