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An incision the size of 3~4cm is made between the cheeks of the buttocks, and an FDA and KFDA approved implant will be inserted over the muscle or under the fascia. Since the buttocks has an abundance of fat and muscle, the implants will blend in well and feel natural. You can get the desired size and shape in a single surgery and most likely will not need any follow-up care.

How is Butt Implantation performed?

At JK, we use the latest high-definition endoscope which enables the doctors to see the nerves and blood vessels not visible to the naked eye. Therefore, even the smallest nerve damage can be prevented and patients will experience less pain, which will help with a faster recovery. During the consultation, the patient and the doctor will consider all options and come to a decision. Depending on the patient셲 current hip shape, waist line and thigh line, a final decision will be made. The posterior muscle is the part that touches the surface of the chair while sitting down. Inserting the implants in the middle of the posterior muscle will lower the risk of implants showing or being felt. The implants are inserted only after making sure the muscle thickness is maintained which makes for a minimal risk operation.

natural and voluptuos buttock implant surgery

Operation information

Duration :
1hour 30minutes
Incision :
Small incisions
Hospitalization :
Recovery Period :
7 Days
Anesthesia :
Stitch Removal :
7 - 10 Days after procedure

Implant + Stem Cell Fat-Grafting

  • At JK, we can combine personalized implants and stem cell fat grafting; this way, we can achieve appearance from the implant and a natural appearance from fat grafting.