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For those who wish to reduce their calf size but want to avoid any surgical procedure, JK Plastic Surgery Center provides non-invasive calf selective neurectomy that helps to create a beautiful leg shape by blocking nerves in inner and outer gastrocnemius.

Calf Selective Neurectomy
Blocking nerves in targeted gastrocnemius
Duration of procedure
Around 30 minutes
Type of anesthesia
Can return to daily life quickly
Activity after procedure
Tugging feeling for about 1 to 2 weeks
醫낆븘由 蹂댄넚뒪
Botox Injection to reduce muscle
Duration of procedure
10 30 minutes
Type of anesthesia
None(Sometimes Local)
Muscle will redevelop over time.
Activity after procedure
Immediate return to everyday activity

How is Non-invasive Calf Selective Neurectomy performed?

From the very small incision made behind the knee, we find the exact nerves that need to be severed and then clip the applicable nerves to give the calf the best shape possible.

Lateral gastrocnemius outer muscle: muscle located in outer part of calf Medial gastrocnemius inner muscle: inner part of calf muscle that creates a rough line along the legs Soleus muscle: muscle located in the superficial posterior compartment of the leg.

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  • designing muscle area for removal 1. During consultation, a doctor checks for the location of calf muscles and finds exact muscle to be removed.
  • minimal incision at the back of the knee 2. Small incisions are made at the top of the calf behind the knee
  • removing inner and outter calf muscles equally 3. Inner and outer calf muscles are evenly removed.
  • shapely leg without calf muscle 4. Calf muscles are softened resulting in shapely calves.

Precautions after Procedure

  • You may experience stiffness for about a week following the procedure.
  • Do not rub the treated area and avoid saunas, hot spas, and any high temperature places for at least 24 hours.
  • We recommend no smoking or drinking for at least a week.
  • Sometimes, headache, dizziness or swelling may follow after the procedure. These are temporary and will subside in two to three days.
  • Avoid hiking, leg exercises and vigorous exercise of any kind.

Benefits of JK non-invasive Calf Selective Neurectomy

Compared to Neurolysis, which applies chemicals to a nerve and is more likely to create side effects, non-invasive selective neurectomy can selectively block nerves in gastrocnemius without damaging surrounding tissues. Unlike Radiofrequency Calf Reduction, Calf Selective Neurectomy does not burn the muscle, which benefits patients who wish to avoid pain and swelling after procedure and want a rapid recovery.

Non-invasive procedure

It benefits patients who want to achieve attractive calves but avoid surgery. There is no limit in age or body type to go through the procedure.

Semi-permanent results

Can achieve clear-cut results with only one procedure

Customized procedure

Due to precise and detailed analysis of patient셲 body type, age, skin, body fat, and abdominal fascia, it is possible to perform safe and effective procedure, building smooth and slender leg shapes with symmetrically slim inner and outer calf muscles.

Selective Muscle removal

This procedure removes unwanted muscle without damaging any surrounding tissues and prevents skin from sagging. It selectively blocks the targeted nerves without risk of vessel or nerve damage. As there is little to no swelling, bruising or pain, patients can return to normal daily life immediately following the procedure.