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Body Contouring3D LIPOSUCTION

In order to get rid of stubborn body fat and achieve an overall balanced bodyline, JK셲 3D liposuction is the perfect solution. Using a new approach and high-tech techniques, the excess fat is removed effectively, minimizing visible scars.

3D Liposuction can benefit

  1. 1. People with undesirable deposits of body fat
  2. 2. People who have a difficulty losing weight through diet or exercise
  3. 3. People who have successfully lost weight through diet, but still carry excess skin
  4. 4. People who want to get rid of cellulite

How is 3D Liposuction performed?

A few tiny incisions (holes) are made in the desired treatment areas and a surgeon inserts a cannula (a hollow tube) into the deep fat layer in order to remove the fat from various areas. Areas affected can include the abdomen, flanks, thighs, buttocks, arms and back.

Operation information

1.5-2 hours / area
Incision Location
Depends on area of operation
0 to 1 day
Recovery Period
7 days
Sedation or general
Stitch Removal
7 days after procedure

Liposuction method

JK uses VASER-assisted liposuction to safely and selectively destroy only the targeted fat cells. By using this ultrasound probe, fatty tissues from the desired area are easily removed.

  1. tumescent solution 1. Tumescent solution is
    injected into the treatment site
  2. probe melt down by ultrasound 2. An ultrasound probe selectively
    melts fatty tissues.
  3. fat cell removal 3. The melted fatty tissues
    are removed using a thin tube.