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Anti-agingJK ANTI-BIO

JK anti bio

Skin aging is mainly associated with the loss of fibroblasts and a decrease in collagen levels. JK셲 Anti-Bio (skin-derived stem cell treatment) injects autologous fibroblasts into the skin to promote skin regeneration, collagen and elastin production. Using the patient셲 own cells, it effectively regenerates and rejuvenates the skin naturally and safely.

JK Anti-Bio can benefit

  1. 1. People with acne scars
  2. 2. People with fine facial wrinkles (crow셲 feet, fine neck wrinkles , etc.)
  3. 3. People who want a brighter skin tone

How is JK Anti-Bio performed?

First, a small 5x3 mm area of skin is removed from the posterior auricular area (behind the ear) and the skin fibroblasts of the removed skin are differentiated into different potential stem cells. After an 11-12 week cultivation period, the stem cells are re-injected into the desired area for skin rejuvenation.

  1. skin harvesting 1. Skin Harvest
  2. differentiation and cultivation 2. Differentiation
    and Cultivation
  3. external injection 3. Injection (external)
  4. internal injection 4. Injection (internal)
  5. internal fibroblasts injection 5. Fibroblasts Settlement
  6. fibroblasts settlement 3. Fixation and Suture

Operation information

20 minutes
Incision Location
Behind the ear
Recovery Period
1 day
Local Anesthesia (Numbing cream for injection)
Stitch Removal

Advantages of JK Anti-Bio

A wide range of treatment areas and safety without any side effects such as those that result from abnormal immunoreactions
(*KFDA Approved)

Anti-Bio can improve the following:

Aging Fibroblasts
Sun exposure, age and oxidation damage fibroblasts
Decreasing Fibroblasts
Aged/damaged fibroblasts increase, decreasing the number of fibroblasts
Decreasing Fibroblasts
Aged/damaged fibroblasts increase, decreasing the number of fibroblasts
Decreased Collagen Production
Due to a decrease of fibroblasts producing collagen, the dermis layers become thinner and sunken.
Skin Aging
Due to thinning of the dermis layers, the skin becomes more fragile and less elastic.

Treatment areas

areas for anti-bio treatment