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A thread made of 99.9% pure gold is inserted into the skin. This procedure stimulates an increased production of collagen and fibroblasts, making skin more elastic and dewy, as well as enhanced overall due to improved blood circulation. Additionally, its own tension generates a lifting effect helping you to return to your younger skin condition.


Conventional gold thread was made of pure gold or gilded on copper or nickel. This resulted in a side effect of the thread breaking into pieces inside the skin or sticking out of the skin. The gold thread used in Premium Gold Lifting is a fine thread made of Polydioxanone coated with 99.9% pure gold, which gets absorbed into the body and discharges safely through the sweat and urine over time.

Precautions after procedure

  • 1. You may experience bruising of the skin but it usually dissipates in 2-3 days.
  • 2. Tape should be applied to the treated area to ensure the thread adheres properly.
  • 3. You may wash your face with tape intact. Avoid washing hair until 3 days after procedure.
  • 4. Avoid saunas and vigorous exercise of any kind for 2 weeks.
  • 5. You may apply makeup after tape is removed.
  • 6. Scalp suture is removed 7 days after procedure.
  • 7. Avoid facial massages for 1 month after procedure.
  • 8. Avoid smoking and drinking for 2 weeks as it may interfere with the healing process.

Special features of JK셲 Non-Invasive Lifting

  1. 1.1. We recommend procedures that are proven safe over procedures that are new and trendy. This is how we have been able to maintain zero malpractice incidents as a standard for the last 19 years.
  2. 2.JK셲 non-invasive lifting is a quick procedure that produces immediate results and a fast recovery.
  3. 3.We create a natural effect by combining a variety of optimal procedures based on the aging stage of each patient.
  4. 4.We provide a comprehensive anti-aging management program in combination with the services from JK Wellness Center, JK Esthetic Center and JK Stem Cell Cosmetics.